All our products are manufactured according to the standards FOR E1 No 43/02 about the characteristics of low formaldehyde emission, verified by the CATAS laboratories also according to EN 717-1:2004 and EN 717-2:1994.

The materials with which we build our console and our tables are as follows:


The melamine melamine is a material that belongs to the family of laminates. It consists of sheets of chipboard covered with layers of paper impregnated with melamine resin (thickness around the 10th of a mm).

The merits of melamine are as follows:

1. resists moisture

2. resists infiltration

3. is durable over time

4. is scratch and stain resistant


The veneer is composed of a base in wood Particleboard, which is then covered with sheets of calles "reconnection" (thickness varying from 6 to 9 tenths of mm) thin layers of wood that were first subjected to finish an order or to achieve different aesthetic effects like Matt, gloss, or inlay.

1. aesthetic appearance very similar to solid wood

2. lower cost compared to solid wood

3. not prone to chipping and warping

4. easy to clean (soft damp cloth, even combined with a non-abrasive detergent for wood drying it well)

Laminated beams

Laminated wood is one of the most popular types of wood furniture and is so named because it consists of solid strips, thin layers of solid wood joined together and then glued with special stickers designed to resist moisture, and work as part of the problem of the deformability of solid when subjected to sudden temperature changes over time. Laminated wood can be painted in various woods.

Reed's advantages are:

1. lower cost compared to solid wood, but equally resistant structure

2. resistance to heat and humidity, whereby deforms less easily over time compared to solid wood

3. robustness and durability

4. aesthetic appearance very similar to solid wood

The disadvantages instead of this kind of wood are:

1. sensitivity to direct sunlight, so the original colour can change;

2. excessive sensitivity to heat directly, so you should never put e.g. a pan just removed from the heat.

Solid wood

It is prized and expensive because it proceeds directly from the trunk of the tree. From the trunk of the tree is obtained from the tables, put then to mature, then cut, then work to be assembled using glue or nails. The pieces thus obtained are then waxed and polished, and sometimes even painted to protect them or to give them a particular aesthetic effect.

Solid benefits are many:

1. great strength, gives the pieces made of solid wood resistance efforts and load

2. is durable over time, precisely because it is as strong as a tree trunks

Among the disadvantages, we know that the solid wood:

1. undergoes changes in heat and humidity, then over time tends to deform

2. is sensitive to sunlight, so if exposed to it directly, change color over time

3. is sensitive to scratches and shock

Solid wood

This is a solid wood whose edges have veneer.

Its main advantage is that you can create profiles, such as rounded, not easily achievable with melamine and veneer.

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