Une table dans un tiroir!

Would you like to have a table inside a drawer? Then our removable table is the best solution to solve all your space problems in the kitchen and in all the rooms of your home. With our pull-out table, mounted on aluminum sliding guides, it will always be possible to have a table available for every need. Ideal for breakfast or lunch, or even the living room or bedroom, the Ram convertible table will solve any space problem.

It is very simple to install, it is not necessary to modify the existing furniture, it is not necessary to cut or disassemble anything. It will be sufficient to remove the first drawer and insert our kit with the removable table. In a few seconds you will have a solid and robust table in the environment you prefer.

Nowadays the apartments are getting smaller and better and being able to optimize space has become a daily problem. This is why we are always working to find innovative and modern solutions for today’s needs. Our ongoing commitment to research has led us today to create this removable table that will be of great benefit to all homes.


Il sera bientôt disponible, nous vous tiendrons au courant dans les prochains articles!


À bientôt!!

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