Transportation costs. Fixed charge.

Italy €7,00 + VAT.

European Union. €25,00 + VAT.

U.S.A. €25,00 + VAT.

Worldwide €35,00 + VAT.

The shipment, chosen by the customer, can be done with ordinary courier or courier.

In the case of courier, our shipments are monitored through tracing code that is generated to process your order, simply enter the code of your order box to view the status of your shipment .

In the case of ordinary courier tracking service is not available.

It is important for you to know that:

RAM Industries Ltd will prepare the shipment within 72 hours;

If the delivery is delayed, it is likely that the address provided is incorrect or incomplete; or the recipient is absent. In any case, the carrier is obliged to leave a notification card, on which provide a phone number to call to get a second pass for which there is no additional charge.

The courier can not offer to go and collect the parcel at the branch.

The shipper is required to deliver the package. Under no circumstances can let you out the door or in the garden.

The couriers are required to repeat the delivery.

After two delivery attempts, the package must be in stock.

When a delivery goes “in stock” we contact you, we will release the stock and we will ensure that your package is delivered as soon as possible. Even in this case you don’t have to pay anything but simply waiting for the package to be put back over.

In addition, you are required to:

Not to demand delivery at a specific time.

Do not ask the telephone contact, the carrier shall not be required to call you before making a delivery, if not to get directions to your destination.

Our customer service is available for further clarification on the number 0293790167 or email us at